The 3rd Consultation Event was held in Ankara

The 3rd Consultation Event within the scope of the project was held in Ankara on 18 September 2019 with the participation of 77 representatives from the public and the civil society organisations active in the pilot provinces of the project.

In the event, an overview on the international definitions and features of volunteerism, with UN – ILO and EU definitions and state of the art as regard of volunteerism laws in EU MS were discussed. Moreover, the Turkish situation was viewed, as regard of laws, by laws, etc who would be affecting the volunteerism indirectly, as there is not existing a law on this topic in the country. The last presentation was given by one CSO (Habitat from Istanbul) as a case study, with examples of community mobilisation and volunteer management.

During the 3rd Consultation event, group studies were conducted on the laws and regulations related to volunteering and the participants exchanged ideas about it.